Renovation Nightmare? Fired Your Contractor?
Build or Renovation Project Gone BAD? What Now?

At Blueprint Properties Inc, we call this PROJECT RECOVERY and we are experts, specializing in salvaging residential or commercial renovation projects gone wrong. We have been called in to deal with numerous cases of construction projects stopped midway due to permit infractions, poor construction creating hazards such as mould, structural damage, water damage, water leaks, roof collapse, foundation/footing damage, electrical hazards, heating/ventilation trouble etc. We assess the project for hazards and dangerous life-threatening conditions, provide urgent remediation to ensure your family’s safety, offer detailed complete reports ready for litigation or insurance requirements, can provide expert witness testimony where required, investigate and obtain permits as needed. We can complete ALL the necessary work to finish your construction project with peace of mind. Your completed project will meet all standards based on current building, electrical, plumbing and HVAC codes. Don’t panic. Contact Blueprint Properties Inc for an assessment and rest assured, we have you covered.