We bring your ideas for your project to reality

During the design phase, the team at Blueprint Properties Inc. works with you through every step to bring to life your ideas through conceptual, architectural and blueprint drawings. Depending on your needs, we can refer your project to a varied list of architects and designers with different styles and ideas to truly create a custom home with your unique flair. For those clients looking to create a home with positive energy and flow based on Fengshui principles, Blueprint Properties Inc. has worked closely with and has access to a number of renowned Fengshui experts in the GTA and worldwide. Based on your specific Fengshui recommendations, we will tailor your project layout to meet certification. We ensure that all drawings and plans will conform to all appropriate codes and regulations in order to obtain the proper permits and approvals to keep your project within your budget and on time. From design to reality, the design team at Blueprint Properties Inc., will collaborate and communicate with you on all aspects of your project. If you can dream it, we can create it.